Blake Carter: Brutalized Poor Bastard

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Blake Carter: Brutalized Poor Bastard description: You dont fuck with Blake Carter because this feisty blonde dominatrix will punish you in a very big way. Poor John learns this the hard way when he tries to pull a fast one. The poor bastard gets tied and bound and painfully jerked to the point of orgasm only to be brought back, over and over again. When he finally does spurt his warm seed, Blake makes him lick up his own semen while being totally humiliated and embarrassed.


Tara Ashley: Complete Control

Tara Ashley: Complete Control

Date: March 21, 2024,
12:32 HD Video / 188 Pictures

Tara Ashley is not exactly the type of girl you want to mess around with and try to harass. Because when you ask for a happy ending and become pushy, this babe is bound to make you eat your words. This is what happens to Chris when he gets tied, bound and teased to no end when she controls his entire body and ruins his much anticipated orgasm.

Athena Amour:  Anticipated Orgasm Denied

Athena Amour: Anticipated Orgasm Denied

Date: January 20, 2023,
13:05 HD Video / 183 Pictures

Jake agrees to play by Athena Amour's rules and those rules involve much more that just a massage with release. Jake gets gagged and becomes a submissive sissy boy when Athena starts to aggressively milk his hard cock. Jake quickly gets a serious case of blue balls form repeated bouts of edging, only to erupt over the edge when she ruins his orgasm.

Allura Skye: Mistress May I Cum?

Allura Skye: Mistress May I Cum?

Date: December 14, 2023,
08:11 HD Video / 63 Pictures

You dont fuck with Mistress Alura Skye and Flynt learns this the hard way by being bound, tied and tortured by her cruel punishment. Alura demeans the slut boy and torments him to no end while his quivering body shakes and his hard cock pulsates in her hands. She wont let him cum unless he begs for a release and when he does he gets ruined big time.