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Orgasm Denied - Sandra description: Any masseuse can give a happy ending, but Sandra takes it to a different level when she toed and binds her client to the table and wont stop teasing him until he begs her to stop. This poor sucker things hes going to spurt his man goo, but instead this cruel bitch ruins it for him in a big way.


Cum Too Hard

Cum Too Hard

Date: April 30, 2022,
11:58 HD Video / 87 Pictures

Violet Skye is a professional masseuse who loves her job. Furthermore, she is a really hot teen babe. When she realizes Brad uses to ask for happy ending every time he gets a massage, the blonde hottie goes mad and is going to do something for that. Violet ties this young man on the massage table and takes control. She dominates him, teases his cock head and ties his dick while jerking him off. Finally, she ruins his orgasm and leaves him tied and helpless.

You\'ve Ruined Me! - Jenna Jaded

You've Ruined Me! - Jenna Jaded

Date: June 4, 2022,
09:01 HD Video / 0 Pictures

Poor Brad just wants to get his penis stimulated by his hot massage therapist Jenna Jaded. Lucky for him she's definitely down for that, but it comes with a price. Jenna ties him up, binds him and jerks him so good when he cums she lets go and watches at his cock twitches with every spurt of warm semen.

Amber Rayne Domination

Amber Rayne Domination

Date: October 29, 2022,
15:03 HD Video / 320 Pictures

Amber Rayne is known for giving the best full body massages in town. But horny guys don't realize is that if you want relief it will not only cost you financially but also physically too. Amber ties and binds this poor sap while she teases, stroked and edges his throbbing cock to completion.