Stimulation Special

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Featuring Harley Summers
Stimulation Special description: Harley Summers is an experienced massage therapist who totally gets off by putting men in their place. Joe is no exception as he gets the full service special: cock teased and balls squeezed. When she stimulates his shaft with the magic wand things go bad for poor Joe.


Cristi Ann: I Denied Him

Cristi Ann: I Denied Him

Date: December 30, 2022,
12:25 HD Video / 182 Pictures

Cristi Ann is a very skilled and highly trained massage therapist, but what she didn't tell Jake is that she offers happy endings too. Only that he must be bound to the table first. She titty fucks him and teases him and just as the poor sap if about to explode she pulls away, laughing at his twitching cock as it spurts out semen.

Amber Skye Handjob

Amber Skye Handjob

Date: August 13, 2022,
09:28 HD Video / 72 Pictures

Amber can tell this guy is pacing some serious heat under his towel so she obliges only to ruin his orgasm as he lays there in agony as his feeble cum dribbles from the tip of his cock onto his stomach.

Athena Amour:  Anticipated Orgasm Denied

Athena Amour: Anticipated Orgasm Denied

Date: January 20, 2023,
13:05 HD Video / 183 Pictures

Jake agrees to play by Athena Amour's rules and those rules involve much more that just a massage with release. Jake gets gagged and becomes a submissive sissy boy when Athena starts to aggressively milk his hard cock. Jake quickly gets a serious case of blue balls form repeated bouts of edging, only to erupt over the edge when she ruins his orgasm.