Painful failed orgasm

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Sophia Leone: Handjob Domination

Sophia Leone: Handjob Domination

Date: February 12, 2022,
10:45 HD Video / 112 Pictures

Would you like Sophia Leone give you a happy ending? Of course you would – and so would the asshole in this video. He’s clearly never booked an appointment with her otherwise he'd know that she frowns upon getting asked for a handjob. In fact, she has a special punishment of tying people down and punishing them.

Athena Amour:  Anticipated Orgasm Denied

Athena Amour: Anticipated Orgasm Denied

Date: January 20, 2023,
13:05 HD Video / 183 Pictures

Jake agrees to play by Athena Amour's rules and those rules involve much more that just a massage with release. Jake gets gagged and becomes a submissive sissy boy when Athena starts to aggressively milk his hard cock. Jake quickly gets a serious case of blue balls form repeated bouts of edging, only to erupt over the edge when she ruins his orgasm.

Tied, Bound and Gagged with Alyssa Kayson

Tied, Bound and Gagged with Alyssa Kayson

Date: October 8, 2022,
11:53 HD Video / 95 Pictures

When her clients ask for something special, Alyssa Kayson knows just what they want. And Brad loves nothing more than getting his throbbing dick teased till the point of explosion. When he gets tied up, bound and gagged the poor guy is no longer in control as Alyssa teases the hell out of his dick and ruins his orgasm.