Addie Andrews: Ruined Orgasm Queen

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Featuring Addie Andrews
Addie Andrews: Ruined Orgasm Queen description: You can call her Addie Andrews or you can call her the ruined orgasm queen because thats what happened to Mike when he tried to pull a fast one after his sensual massage. Addie Andrews is not one to be fucked around with, so this blonde porn babe gave him a rub n tug he wont ever forget. She brings him to the brink, only to pull away when his dick starts to spurt that warm white cum.


Blake Carter: Brutalized Poor Bastard

Blake Carter: Brutalized Poor Bastard

Date: January 4, 2024,
12:50 HD Video / 171 Pictures

You dont fuck with Blake Carter because this feisty blonde dominatrix will punish you in a very big way. Poor John learns this the hard way when he tries to pull a fast one. The poor bastard gets tied and bound and painfully jerked to the point of orgasm only to be brought back, over and over again. When he finally does spurt his warm seed, Blake makes him lick up his own semen while being totally humiliated and embarrassed.

Sensitivity Training with Megan Malibu

Sensitivity Training with Megan Malibu

Date: February 24, 2023,
11:55 HD Video / 161 Pictures

Megan Malibu's sensitivity training session is nothing like she advertised. Because when James goes in for a massage he ends up getting tied, bound and gagged. Helpless, Megan teases his sensitive cock with her fingers. Bringing him to the brink of orgasm. The man is totally helpless. When she strokes him one final time, his cock twitches, balls tighten up and spurts a massive load all over himself.

You\'ve Ruined Me! - Jenna Jaded

You've Ruined Me! - Jenna Jaded

Date: June 4, 2022,
09:01 HD Video / 0 Pictures

Poor Brad just wants to get his penis stimulated by his hot massage therapist Jenna Jaded. Lucky for him she's definitely down for that, but it comes with a price. Jenna ties him up, binds him and jerks him so good when he cums she lets go and watches at his cock twitches with every spurt of warm semen.