Dava Foxx: Incredible Edging Explosion

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Don’t bring your bullshit to Dava Foxx’s room and you will be just fine. Or, bring your BS into her room and prepare to deal with her wrath. The slender massage therapist looks like a pushover, at least that’s what Russell thinks. He thinks he can get whatever he wants from her, including a happy ending. His demand for one is not just presumptuous but it actually ticks Dava off. This isn’t that kind of establishment and she isn’t that kind of masseuse. Dava is actually offended by Russell’s indecent proposal so she decides to teach him a lesson.

If its a handjob he wants, he’s going to get one but on Dava Foxx’s terms. The rules are laid out to him in simple language. He can’t touch any part of Dava’s body and he doesn’t get to cum until she says so. Also, she can do whatever she wants to him. Pretty simple rules, right? Wrong. This masturbatrix has no intention of taking it easy on Russell. His rude behavior is still fresh on her mind and she intends to make him pay big time for it.

She fools him by starting off with gentle, sensual stroking. Then just as the poor lad is actually enjoying his handjob, Dava Foxx racks her long nails hard across his cock and balls. Russell screams out in pain but Dava just laughs at him. He attempts to grab her ass but his hand gets smacked away and when he begs to cum, the answer is a firm no. This is certainly not what this horny dude expected when he asked for a happy ending. He does however eventually get his release though and its an epic one!

Dava Foxx porn
Dava Foxx porn
Dava Foxx porn
Dava Foxx porn

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