Jamie Valentine Humiliates Client With A Small Dick

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Jack’s little dick shoots up underneath his towel the second Jamie Valentine walks into the room and why wouldn’t it? She’s hot and stacked and any hetero male would get an instant boner just by looking at her! The sexy Latina massage therapist notices the erection and decides to quickly jerk the poor sap off just as long as he knows that she’s the one calling the shots and not him. He gets that message loud and clear and goes into submissive mode, even letting the masseuse gag him and strap him to the table so she can do whatever she desires to him. As this new video from shows, Jack doesn’t mind at all.

Jamie ruins him

Jamie Valentine removes Jack’s towel expecting to see a big cock and she’s a little taken back at just how small his dick is. She can’t help but laugh in Jack’s face but then she feels sorry for him and starts stroking his little dick. She runs her fingers up and down the little prick, teasing it before she flicks the head with her finger nails. Then the gorgeous babe wraps her hands around the small prick and it almost disappears in her fist.

She berates the poor guy for having a small dick but she tugs it anyway and then gets super pissed when Jack won’t cum fast enough. She sternly warns him that she’ll stop jerking his cock if he doesn’t cum but Jack can’t seem to cum as fast as Jamie Valentine wants him to so she tugs and tugs until a pathetic little amount of cum spurts out of the small dick. Then she laughs as she strokes the now limp dick past orgasm.

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