How to Give Your Man a Mind-Blowing Penis Massage.

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A penis massage is a calm, relaxing massage that will drive him mad and open him up to deeper love and connection.

And please note, this is not a hand job.

When you give a man a hand job, you are attempting to give him as much pleasure as possible and as quickly as possible. There’s nothing wrong with it, but a penis massage has a different meaning: it’s a place for profound relaxation and stress release related to intimacy or sex.

To ensure your man is as relaxed as possible, you must give the massage properly. To help you out, here is a guide on how to go about it:

Set the mood

Like regular massage, you must set the right mood for the penis massage.

Start with the lighting. A soothing and warm light will promote arousal so go for it. It will even be better if you can light some candles.

The other thing to consider is the smell of the room. If you are using candles, choose lightly scented ones.

Allow your man to sniff different essential oils if you have them. It will trigger his sense of smell, which is intimately linked to his primal sexual instincts.

Citruses or woodsy scents, such as eucalyptus or lemon, are preferred by most guys. Another excellent technique to excite his senses is through your distinctive aroma. If he has told you that he likes your smell, get close to him so he can smell every inch of you.

When it comes to the room you are doing the massage, ensure that it is comfortable and clean. How is the bedding’s texture? What is the current temperature in the room? You need to ensure that everything is perfect.

You also need to ensure that you have several hours of seclusion ahead of you and that nothing will interfere with your mood. This implies you must be at ease when giving him a penis massage—you shouldn’t be in a hurry.

Music is known to alter the energy of a room and promote calm. For a comfortable house, go with sensuous and soft music.

Use the right massage oil.

You can have the perfect mood but end up ruining it using the wrong oils. For a great experience, use genuine massage oil.

There are many oils you can use. For example, if you don’t like strong scents, you can use odorless baby oil. The beauty of this oil is that it doesn’t have a smell, so it doesn’t mix with the smells in the room.

You can always use oils like coconut or chocolate if you don’t mind smells. If you have silicone lube, set it aside. You may need it later.

Start (and continue) slowly.

You should start with positioning yourself. Sit in front of each other and engage in deep, synchronized breaths.

Share your intention as a giver and receiver, and slowly help your man remove his clothes, one piece at a time. You can keep yours on or undress.

When doing it, keep your boundaries. Remember, it is not about sex but about offering him space for relaxation.

Now, kneel between his open legs as he faces you.

Before you give him the penis massage, assist him in relaxing and warming up.

To begin, have him lie on his stomach. Massage his neck, shoulders, back, and inner thighs with the massage oil. You should deeply stretch along his pelvic floor and down to his pelvis, legs, and feet.

Then, turn him onto his back and massage him from the bottom up.

Most guys prefer a hard, deep touch. Check-in and ask him how he feels about the pressure and the speed.

For the massage to feel excellent, press harder and deeper in the areas where he carries much tension. He’ll have a big release.

Tease him

Once you finish the body massage and he has relaxed, it’s time to tease him. To tease him, you need to use different strokes.

The first one is the Shiatsu stroke. Begin by softly pressing his penis with your thumbs and index fingers at the base of his penis, then let go. Repeat approximately a centimeter higher.

Continue to work your way up until you reach the tip. It makes no difference whether he’s erect or not. When his penis is soft, it is considerably more responsive to this stroke.

The other stroke you can use is the skiing stroke. Here you grasp the sides of his penis with both hands and make a skiing motion with your thumbs.

Alternately you can move his penis up and down from the base to the tip. If he has a foot fetish and you have seen him checking out Cory’s feet and other foot fetish models, you can play with his penis on one hand and feet on the other.

Experiment with various speeds and pressure. Examine his facial expressions and replies to determine what he prefers.

Tease his orgasm

He’s probably quite turned on at this point, and you should avoid pushing him over the edge into ejaculation.

What you should do instead is to slow down the stimulation and wait until he has cooled down, then continue teasing. You should repeat this several times, making him hypersensitive and ready to burst.

Take him over the edge.

If you feel that he is fully excited and ready, you should take him over the edge. To do this, wrap your fingers around the base of his scrotum and pull downward to induce orgasm without ejaculation. It’s fine if he doesn’t want to or can’t orgasm.

Another way you can go about it is to have sex with him. Because he will be more sensitized, he will be more connected to the experience so he will have a better orgasm.

You can also opt for healing. You place one hand on his penis and the other on his heart and allow him to integrate. After climaxing, allow him some space to be alone and reflect.

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