A very unhappy ending with Misha Mynx

Mean Massage

French chicks are supposed to be easy, right? Wrong. Not Misha Mynx. She’s professional to a T until she’s pushed beyond her limits. Then the not so fun side of her shows. And when it does, its ugly. A horny client gets to see this hot blonde’s ruthless side when he shows up for his appointment and then demands that Misha sucks his dick. This isn’t that kind of massage parlor, she tells him. But the man persists. Well, unfortunately for him Misha simply isn’t in the mood for his shenanigans today.

Misha Mynx giving a Mean Massage
Misha Mynx porn

She excuses herself and returns with a long black rope. Before the horny bastard knows what the hell is going on, Misha Mynx has his hands and balls tied up. Seeing his thick throbbing dick up close and personal actually turns the slender masseuse on but she’ll be damned to even admit it. Instead, she dives right in and teases the hell out of the man’s pecker. Misha may be pretty to look at but when she’s in ruthless mode, she’s really a sight to behold.

Misha Mynx giving a Mean Massage
Misha Mynx porn

The blonde massage therapist gets even more turned on the longer she humiliates the man. Misha Mynx doesn’t want him to see what effect he’s having on her so she crushes his face with her feet. This makes him to look away from her as she roughly jerks his dick. Evidently, this perverted dude likes it rough too because he actually gets so close to the finish line but if he thinks Misha is about to finish him off completely, he’s in for a very rude awakening!

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