Gabriella Ford : Happy Ending For A Hefty Tip

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What would you do for a tip? For Gabriella Ford, that’s an easy question to answer. The pint sized teen masseuse is willing to break her company’s rules as long as she gets a huge tip out of the deal. A horny male client books a massage with her but when she walks into the room to start working on him, he asks her for a happy ending. Gabriella informs him that her massage parlor is strictly for massages and nothing else. But everyone has a price. The horny dude plays his cards just right by offering her a hefty tip in exchange for a handjob.

Does Gabriella Ford accept his indecent offer? Of course she does. In fact, before the terms of their verbal agreement are even finalized, the small tittied babe has yanked off his towel and is already massaging his dick. But some people are never satisfied. And this dude is one of them. He’s already gotten away with so much already that he decides to push his luck one more time. He asks Gabriella to take her shirt off and jerk him off topless. Can you say entitled? Because that’s what this bossy client is.

But she’s already broken the rules so Gabriella Ford may as well go all the way. And that’s what she does. Her top comes off but she switches things up just a tad by bringing out her rope and tying it around the man’s cock and balls. Now this teen massage therapist is in charge again. She beats the man’s meat really hard while tugging at the rope. Its both painful and exciting for him. Definitely the happy ending he craved. And since Gabriella wants a hefty tip, she makes sure she finishes him off as requested.

Gabriella Ford porn
Gabriella Ford porn
Gabriella Ford porn
Gabriella Ford porn

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