Superior Domination by Dana Wolf

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So you want a happy ending, right? Then its best to stay away from Dana Wolf because while other masseuses will happily accommodate your kinky request, this one is not here for your nonsense. She’s a beautiful girl but a tough cookie to crack. Unfortunately, a few of her clients try to push their luck with her. Like this dude who walks into her room thinking he’s going to have his way with her. She’s seen his type before – rude and arrogant – and she’s got something to put him back in his place.

The horny male client thinks he’s being slick when he asks Dana Wolf to massage his inner thighs. Then he really crosses the line by grabbing her hand and bringing it to his dick. She smacks his hand and ties him up. This shifts the power back to her. Now that she’s in charge again, Dana wastes no time teasing the hell out of the tied up bastard. She wiggles her butt in his face and even flaunts her small tits right in front of him. He wants to touch her so bad but he can’t. His hot massage therapist stands close enough for him to see but far enough that he can’t touch her.

The poor man’s pain is amplified even more when Dana Wolf takes off her panties and sits right next to his crotch. She brings his dick so close to her pussy as she slowly strokes his dick head. He wants to cum so bad but the hot masseuse forbids it. Instead, she takes her sweet time teasing the hell out of his dick. When she’s ready for him to nut, she hops off him and watches as his swinging dick flings cum all over his belly.

Dana Wolf porn
Dana Wolf porn
Dana Wolf porn
Dana Wolf porn

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