Ruined Orgasm at the Hands of Punk Emo Amy Moore

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Whoever said emo chicks are easy has never met Amy Moore. She looks easy but she isn’t. That’s something her horny client finds out the hard way. The slender babe gets busy rubbing down his tired body when the man works up the courage to ask for a happy ending. Amy looks at him in disgust. She sternly tells him that this isn’t that kind of place and then she storms off. She isn’t deserting her client though, nor is she letting him get away with making her feel like a two dollar whore. Upon her return, the sexy masseuse is carrying straps. Before the hairy dude can even say I’m sorry, he’s strapped down the massage table.

Now, he’s completely at Amy Moore’s mercy. He’s completely naked with no way to wiggle out of his restraints. He begs Amy to have mercy on him but she pretends not to hear him. He has to pay for being a jerk. This is certainly something he didn’t anticipate. He thought he could just boss this massage therapists around and get a release. She makes it known that it won’t happen on her watch. Amy instead resorts to teasing the man’s rock solid pecker. She blows on it and tugs it so passionately, he’s convinced she’s trying to make him cum.

But Amy Moore has no intention of making this jerk nut. She does however intend to tease him until he can’t take it anymore and that’s exactly what she does. The slender punk chick climbs on top of the horny dude and gyrates on him while stroking his dick. Then she rubs it on her pussy before jumping off him and continuing with her rub and tug tease game. Masseuse Amy brings him so close to ejaculation but right before he cums, she kisses his dick and then abruptly walks out of the room leaving the poor bastard hanging…

Amy Moore porn
Amy Moore porn
Amy Moore porn
Amy Moore porn

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