Callie Nicole: Ultimate Orgasm Control

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Tatted up and sassy with a no nonsense attitude, Callie Nicole is ready to kick some ass and take some names when Alex walks into her room on this particular day. He doesn’t know it but the masseuse is not in the mood to be fucked with and bossed around and she’s ready to put any man in their place if they try to walk all over her. Unfortunately, the horny man doesn’t read her mood right and asks for a happy ending and the ending he gets from her is anything but happy.

First, Callie Nicole straps him to the table as she rubs his dick up and down at her own pace. She squeezes his dick head rather roughly causing him to flinch and then she pops her tits out of her bra and taunts him with them while she continues to jerk his dick. Alex badly wants to touch her but as you can see from this video, the sexy massage therapist won’t let him. Instead, she climbs up on the table and sinks her pussy so close to his face that he can smell her womanly scent as she reaches forward and strokes his hard cock.

Then she grabs a mouth gag and shoves it into Alex’s mouth just in time for the real fun to begin. The real fun is rough and unforgiving and it makes the poor guy squirm and beg for mercy but his pleas are muffled by the mouth gag. Callie Nicole laughs at his discomfort and refuses to let him cum despite the fact that his balls are turning a light shade of blue! How long does this orgasm control power play last? You have to watch the full length video at to find out!

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