Callie Nicole the Orgasm Controller

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You can call her Callie Nicole or the orgasm controller because the latter is exactly what she does in this intense video from A horny client thinks he can just boss the sexy masseuse around by demanding a happy ending from her but she’s not in the mood to be fucked with so she grabs her straps and ties him down to the table and then she shuts him up by cramming a ball gag into his mouth as she mercilessly teases his rock solid cock. He winces with each tug but the femdom massage therapist needs to teach him a lesson so he’ll never disrespect her again!

Callie Nicole plays along with her client’s demands because she’s a good sport. She even yanks off her bra and goes topless just for him, making him believe that he’s in control here. The hottie then strips down to her panties and joins the man on the table where she hovers her pussy right over his face as she tugs his prick. He’s still strapped to the table so he can’t reach out and touch any of her assets no matter how hard he tries and when the tatted up masseuse gags him, he knows he’s in trouble.

He really never should have underestimated Callie Nicole because she takes great pleasure in putting disrespectful men in their places. She smiles as she dominates his dick with her hands. He wants to cum so bad but she won’t let him and the more he squirms around in pain, the harder she tugs his prick. She forbids him to cum until she says so but deep down she knows she has no intention of letting him cum until he’s learned his lesson. So, how long does the punishment go on for? Find out at

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