Kristen Love: You Can Look But You Can’t Touch

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Whatever you do, don’t touch Kristen Love’s ass while she massages you. That’s something her client learns the hard way in this video from He has an appointment with the smokin’ hot teen masseuse but Mr.grabby hands can’t keep his hands to himself. Not only does he boldly ask for a happy ending but he also has the nerve to reach out and cop a feel as the blonde bimbo massages his legs. Big mistake – and one he pays for dearly.

Kristen Love ruins a client's orgasm

After thwarting away the pervert’s hand, Kristen Love asks him if he likes to play. He says he does. The poor thing doesn’t realize the kinky play this hottie has in mind. He doesn’t know it involves him getting handcuffed to the massage table. That’s exactly what happens. The timing couldn’t be worse because that’s also exactly when the hot massage therapist decides to strip down to her panties. Her horny client tries to reach over and fondle her tits but his handcuffs hold him back.

Pornstar Kristen Love giving a handjob and happy ending

If he thinks the handcuffs are bad, he’s wrong. Kristen Love ups the horny bastard’s suffering by slowly stroking his dick in such a way that has him wiggling uncomfortably underneath her. She brings him to the point of explosion only to stop right before he bursts his nut. The cruel masseuse does this repeatedly causing her client to beg for relief. So, does she let him cum or not? Watch the full episode at to find out!

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