Aaliyah Hadid: Ultimate Tease

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You can call her Aaliyah Hadid. Or you can call her Queen of pain. She even answers to Princess Tease if you’re nice to her. The guy in this scene from meets nice Aaliyah when he first walks into her room but by the time his session is over, he’s well acquainted with the mean side of this beauty. Things didn’t have to go the route they take but the poor bastard asks for a happy ending and what he gets is anything but what he imagined he would get!

Aaliyah Hadid giving a rough handjob and massage

To say that Aaliyah Hadid is offended at being asked for a happy ending would be a huge understatement. She’s pissed. She’s not the kind of girl who offers such services. But she is the kind of masseuse who knows how to put rude men in their place. She excuses herself for a second and when she returns, she’s holding straps she intends to use on her horny client. He doesn’t know what’s going on and he even attempts to take back his happy ending request but its a little too late now.

Aaliyah Hadid porn

Aaliyah Hadid straps him to the table and then roughly grabs his dick causing the poor guy to cry out in pain. She spits on his dick and slaps it hard against her palm. Then she teases the hell out of the tied up dude by twerking close up against his dick without letting her pussy touch it. She does the same with her ass and boobs. She dangles them so close and yet far enough to where he can’t cop a feel. And each time she teases the poor guy, Aaliyah also roughs up his dick in ways so painful he regrets asking for a handjob. Does she let him cum or not? Find out at now!

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