Lexi Rainz teases a duct taped Man and ruins his orgasm

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Girls like Lexi Rainz spend all their time dealing with assholes so the last thing she needs when she clocks in at work is yet another asshole expecting a service that she doesn’t offer. Unfortunately for Lexi, her client is a certified douchebag. He not only demands a happy ending but he expresses his desire to fuck her – not once but twice. That’s enough to piss her off. This sweet, smiling blonde knows exactly how to deal with assholes like this. In fact, she has enough practice in how to handle them. So, when the dude flips up his towel, exposing his erect cock, the cute masseuse politely excuses herself and returns with a nasty surprise!

Lexi Reinz porn

The guy doesn’t see it coming and neither will you as you watch this superb scene from He’s too busy running his mouth about how much he’d like to fuck Lexi Rainz but she cuts him off halfway by duct taping his mouth. Then she yanks his towel off and starts rubbing his dick. The horny asshole thinks he’s about to get lucky but Lexi has other plans in mind for him. She brings him to the brink only to ruin his orgasm! That intense awakening is a reminder that this is one chick who will not be messed with!

Lexi Reinz ruins a man's orgasm

If the duct taped man thinks this is as bad as it’ll ever get, he’s in for a surprise because Lexi Rainz is no where near done with punishing him. She strips naked and hovers her pussy over his face while still wanking him. The poor guy would give anything to be able to stick his tongue into her twat but he can’t because his mouth is all taped up! Does she eventually cut him a break or no? Maybe, maybe not. We don’t want to ruin the ending for you so check out the full length video at

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