Avery Moon Ruins A Bound Man’s Orgasm

Mean Massage

Knots or Nuts? You have to pick your poison when in Avery Moon’s room. She’d prefer if you go with knots because she has the skills to iron every last one of those out of your body but if you choose nuts like the horny client in this brand new video from does, then be prepared for the most insane ride of your life! This slender brunette teen pulls no punches when it comes to putting men in their places and she does just that when she binds the man up and ruins his orgasm in spectacular fashion!

Avery Moon walks into her massage room expecting to just give a massage and be done with it. Her client, on the other hand, has kinkier plans in mind. He gets a boner as soon as the introductions are done and when the teen massage therapist asks him what knots he wants dealt with, he nods down to his nuts. Ever the professional, Avery tries not to show how pissed she is at the direction the appointment has taken. But she’s not a walk over and she intends to show the horny man that he chose the wrong masseuse to mess with.

She excuses herself out of the room and returns with some straps which she uses to tie the hairy dude to the table. Then, Avery Moon unhooks her bra and covers the man’s face with it as she spits on his cock and slaps it hard against her palm. He winces in pain and she laughs at just how helpless he is. The icing on the cake is when Avery ruins the humiliated man’s orgasm and then walks away laughing as he tries to process what just happened.

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