Esmi Lee: Tied and Jerked Past Orgasm

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Esmi Lee giving a post orgasm handjobConsider this your one and only warning – playing with Esmi Lee comes with a very hefty price tag. This feisty Latina massage therapist doesn’t mind dishing out happy endings as long as it’s on her own terms and her terms are as kinky and sometimes as painful as you would imagine them to be. She wastes no time putting you in your place once you enter her room in this new episode from and the second she securely ties and binds you, she dominates your cock, totally humiliates you, ruins your orgasm and then tortures you even more by jerking you way past orgasm.

Esmi Lee Ruined orgasm Massage

Sometimes it pays to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into but if you’re dealing with someone as mysterious as Esmi Lee, you just have to accept that anything may happen and roll with the punches. When this tatted up vixen binds your arms and renders you helpless, you have absolutely no idea what to expect next from her and she doesn’t keep you waiting for long as she reaches down to your cock and starts digging her finger tips into it. It hurts a bit but it also turns you on so she keeps doing it.

Esmi Lee giving a rough handjob Esmi Lee jerking cock Esmi Lee giving a mean massage

Then she puts you through the worst kind of humiliation as mocks you and laughs at your cock while still tugging it hard. She hops up on the table and squats over you, jerking your dick with both hands and causing you to wince each time the handjob gets rougher. Esmi Lee is just getting warmed up though because soon enough, she’s giving you a bad case of blue balls by ruining your orgasm and just to dominate you one last time, she strokes your cock post orgasm causing you to writhe around in pain.

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