Post Orgasm Torture with Alexis Fawx

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Alexis Fawz Porn - She gives a Mean Massage Indeed!
Do you want an orgasm served up with your massage? Alexis Fawx can do that just for you but along with her happy endings comes a post orgasm torture so intense that the client in this new episode from is guaranteed never to forget as long as he lives. The busty masseuse ties him up and gags him and then sits on his face as she teases the fuck out of his cock, even whipping it at some point until he can’t take it anymore and spurts his man juice all over himself. Then she pushes him further by stroking his drained cock making him squirm and beg for mercy!

Alexis Fawz knows how much guys go nuts over her big boobs so she always wears low cut tops during her massage sessions and today is no different. As predicted, her client can’t help but drool over her monster juggs and the longer he stares at them, the harder his dick gets. The sexy masseuse takes notice of the growing erection and decides to treat her client to a happy ending but on her own terms.

Alexis Fawz spitting handjob Alexis Fawz tugging tied up cock Alexis Fawz whipping cock

That means she ties him to the table with dark tape rendering him helpless and then gags him so he can’t make too much noise and then the real fun starts with the blonde babe with giant tits jumping on the client’s face and grinding up on it as she sensually strokes his prick. She spits on the cock and tugs it so hard that the poor lad bursts a nut in no time at all. If he thinks the fun is over though, he’s sadly mistaken because she doesn’t stop jerking his cock even after he ejaculates and you’ve got to check out his priceless reaction to that by watching the full length video at

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