Raquel Raxxx: A Massage, A Titjob and A Ruined Orgasm

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Men flock to Raquel Raxxx because they know she’s good with her hands and they also hope to get a glimpse of her famous big tits. Some of them like Billy hope to do more than just ogle those massive juggs. They hope they’ll get lucky and get a tit fuck from the hot busty masseuse and lucky for Billy, she’s in a great mood the day of his visit and she treats him to a fantastic titjob but on her own terms and those terms are anything but good news for the horny man.

As this massage video from shows, what starts off as harmless flirty fun between the masseuse and the client soon turns into a full domination scene when Raquel Raxxx takes control of Billy’s dick and quickly lets him know who is in charge. She pulls and tugs his prick until it hardens in her hand then she lets her big tits loose from the black bra holding them and wraps them around Billy’s cock. He can barely contain his excitement as Ms. Raxxx jerks him off with her monstrous boobs and he even dares to imagine she’ll let him nut all over them.

Raquel Raxxx has no intention of letting Billy cum all over her tits and unknown to him, she doesn’t even intend to let him cum yet, no matter how much he pleads. She brings him to the edge repeatedly but denies him the release he badly needs and wants. The repeated ruined orgasms almost give him a bad case of blue balls but the busty babe doesn’t let up, or does she? Watch the full length video at to find out!

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