Raquel Raxxx: Happy Ending Massage Ends With A Big Bang

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Everything has a price. Including happy endings. For Raquel Raxxx, that price is set at about $50. At least that’s what a horny client offers her in exchange for a quick release. Most massage therapists would probably smirk at the offer and kick the man out of the room but this one doesn’t. Instead, she grabs a bottle of lube and gets to work. She needs the extra money afterall. Make no mistake about it though because as this video from shows, she jerks him off on her own terms!

Raquel Raxxx giving a massage

Raquel Raxxx is used to bossy clients. She’s also more than capable of handling them perfectly. When her client asks her to jerk him off and in return get a small tip, the busty babe just smiles and reaches for the bottle of lube. She knows he can probably afford to tip her more but he’s being a miser. She plans to make him pay big time for that.

Raquel Raxxx titjob

Her pay back comes in the form of an edging handjob. Raquel Raxxx tugs the man’s prick so well but every time he thinks she’s about to get him over the edge, she doesn’t. She even taunts him with a titjob. Having those gigantic titties wrapped around him almost makes him nut but the busty masseuse swaps her tits for her hands. Its back to zero for the horny dude. So, does she finally let him cum or not? Watch the full length video at to find out!

Raquel Raxxx tit fuck

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