Sheena Ryder Giving A Balls Draining Happy Ending

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Sheena Ryder’s reputation preceds her. She’s the masseuse to go to for happy endings. Since she doesn’t advertise her side service though, word about her extra surprise usually travels by mouth. You can call it her own discreet referral program. That program is how Chad lands on her table. He’s shy at first but as the sexy massage therapist works the kinks out of his body, he mumbles out a quick request for a happy ending.

Raquel Raxxx giving a massage

Sheena Ryder can neither confirm or deny the fact that she jerks men off during her massage sessions but if Chad needs proof of this, it comes when the hot babe yanks off his towel, exposing his bare butt. He now knows that shit is about to get very real. He shyly covers his dick and balls which prompts masseuse Sheena to chastise him. She pulls his hand away and proceeds to pour a very generous amount of lube on Chad’s cock. Then she goes to town on the dick, strocking it hard until it stands at attention.

Raquel Raxxx giving a massage

Chad is so relaxed that he throws back his head as Sheena Ryder works his cock down below. His eyes are closed so he doesn’t see her reach for her rope and tie it around his dick. This is the part when shit hits the fan. The poor guy doesn’t know what’s happening but Sheena is in charge and she orders him to lay still and let her keep doing her job. She ties up his cock and nuts and then orders him to fuck her hands. You absolutely have to see for yourself how this video ends…

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