Lola Fae Wraps Up and Punishes a Rude Male Client

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Here’s the thing about Lola Fae – she absolutely hates being disrespected. She actually makes it well known that there will be consequences to disrespecting her but sometimes her clients think she’s joking so they try to pull their shenanigans anyway like the jerk in this new video from who asks her for a happy ending in addition to his scheduled massage. She smiles politely and then proceeds to wrap his whole body up like a mummy and then punishes him with an edging handjob until he begs for mercy!

Lola Fae walks into her massage room expecting to give a massage and nothing more but her client rudely demands a handjob and since the petite masseuse will do anything for her clients, she decides to jerk off her horny client. As usual, the devil is in the details so even though she agrees to tug the client’s prick, she only does it on her own terms and her terms are so much kinkier and harsher than the poor lad had in mind.

She binds him tight using wrapping paper, with his arms pinned to his side and his dick sticking out of a hole in the binding. He’s helpless and completely at her mercy to do as she wishes with him so she strips down to her underwear and mounts the guy. While on top, she proceeds to stroke his prick using slow but firm strokes that make him jerk forward as an orgasm builds up inside him. Then Lola Fae unexpectedly slaps the man’s erect prick sending shock waves through out his whole body. He twitches and begs for a release but his pleas fall on deaf ears. The satisfied look on the tiny massage therapist’s face when she ruins his orgasm is priceless.

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