Leigh Rose Punishes Rude Client With a Mean Massage

Mean Massage

Leigh Rose jerking thick cockDon’t come to Leigh Rose’s massage table with a stinky attitude otherwise she’ll be made to put you in your place and chances are you won’t like how she does that! The sexy babe is a talented masseuse who genuinely loves her job because it gives her a chance to make her clients feel good but what she doesn’t anticipate is a client like Pike who has a nasty attitude. She decides to teach him a lesson in this new episode from by tying up his cock and teasing the fuck out of him while denying him an orgasm.

Don’t let Leigh Rose’s cute face fool you because she looks like a walk-over but she has a dark side that only comes to the forefront when she’s dealing with difficult clients like Pike. The hung stud is downright rude to the brunette masseuse so she grabs his monster cock and starts massaging it until it grows longer and harder in her hands. Then she ties it up with a thick rope tightening it around the base of the cock while jerking the sensitive tip.

sexy masseuse gives an edging handjob Leigh Rose teasing cock Leigh Rose gives a mean massage

The combined friction from the rope and from Leigh Rose’s soft hands makes Pike want to cum so badly but the mean masseuse wont let him cum. She teases him mercilessly by bringing him close to orgasming and then slowing all the way down so he can’t burst a nut and all his pleas for a release fall on deaf ears. So does she eventually let him cum or does she keep on ruining his orgasm? You can find out first hand at

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