Leigh Rose Ruins Nasty Client’s Orgasm

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leigh rose giving a rough handjobIf you walk into Leigh Rose’s massage room with a nasty attitude, you better believe she’ll put you in your place ASAP and Pike learns that the hard way when he drives his seemingly sweet masseuse over the edge and she decides to punish him in the worst way possible. Their session together starts off on friendly terms but by the time this episode of is done, Pike is dominated, defeated and just desperate to get some kind of relief and Ms. Rose is just towering over him proud to finally have shown him who the boss is!

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Leigh Rose is sweet until she gets pushed to a certain point and Pike just pushed her past that point. Her job is to make her clients feel good and she’s pretty darn good at it but she’s not a push over so when Pike walks into her room with a nasty attitude, she decides to teach him a lesson. First she massages his body and then grabs his monster cock as if she’s going to give him a good ol’ handjob. Then things go left for Pike so fast he doesn’t even realize what’s going on until it’s too late.

leigh rose stroking cock leigh rose jerking cock leigh rose ruins man's orgasm

The now topless masseuse wraps a rope tightly around Pike’s big cock as she jerks it hard and with each stroke comes a tug on the rope that causes the horny man to jerk in a mixture of pain and anticipation. The jerking brings him to the point of ejaculation but Leigh Rose isn’t about to let him cum just yet so she slows down, ruining his orgasm! Poor Pike is in shock at this kind of treatement and you can see just how shocked he is at having his orgasm ruined exclusively at

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