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Although she appears to be innocent and angelic, don’t let Stephanie Saint from Mean Massage fool you, because she has a wild sadistic side too. This cute teen girl loves to take unsuspecting guys, tie them up, bind them and mock them when they cant cum. Take it from poor Mitch. The guy only wanted to get his cock milked by a hot chick while getting a nice relaxing massage. Stephanie takes exception to the fact that he is laying there with a raging erection. Suffice it to say this makes her pretty pissed off. Like any man in his situation, Mitch asks politely for some handjob action, hell, he even offered her more money. Things take a turn for the worse when Stephanie agrees, but then takes out the ropes.

Stephanie jerks and strokes his hard dick, strokes his cock head with her fingers and teases him. Mitch is on cloud nine but she begins to tie up his cock in tight knot, cutting off his circulation in some sort of cruel home made cock ring. His cock swells and becomes enlarged as he quivers in the massage table. She strokes him more and more, bringing him right up to the edge, only to pull away. With his cock quivering and throbbing he begs for some relief, but she denies him the satisfaction for what must seem to Mitch as hours.

She takes pity on the man and removes the rope only to mock and tease him when he cant cum. The poor guys cock become harder after a round of strokes from her soft hands. She jerks rapidly and his cock finally erupts with semen. Shes not done with him yet as she slaps and whacks his cock post orgasm. She laughs as she does this and Mitch wants nothing more than to get out of there. Stephanie Saint is one cruel and brutal bitch!

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