Masseuse Chloe Cooper ruins a smug man’s orgasm

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What’s the best way to wipe a smug smile off a client’s face? By ruining his orgasm! At least that’s how Chloe Cooper handles all her arrogant clients. Today she’s got the most annoying kind of client. He’s rude, arrogant and loud. He’s also very entitled. He thinks he deserves a happy ending. In fact he goes as far as to demand for one. Well sir, wrong room, wrong girl, wrong day. The hot massage therapist excuses herself and returns with a surprise for the pompous dude. If he thinks he’s getting relief from this hottie, he’s got another thing coming!

Chloe Cooper Porn giving a Mean Massage
Chloe Cooper porn

Chloe Cooper ties him up to the massage table, rendering him completely hopeless. He can look but he can’t touch. Licking is also off the table. His frustration is very visible. This isn’t what he signed up. In fact, he makes his displeasure known. That earns him a slap on the dick from Chloe. One dick slap doesn’t shut him up so Chloe smacks his dick a couple of more times and that does the trick. But almost as soon as the cute masseuse starts enjoying her peace and quite, the bratty man asks for a sniff of her goodies.

Chloe Cooper porn
Chloe Cooper porn

Now that’s just plain rude but Chloe Cooper takes it all in stride. She mischievously mounts the horny bastard and dangles her pussy so close to him without really letting him get the sniff he so badly wants. As she teases him with her twat, her hands are busy working his cock. Chloe rubs that long prick real good as her client begs for a release. She ignores him and then ruins his orgasm in the worst way possible! Oh and just for good measure, Chloe walks away leaving the poor guy tied to the table! That will certainly teach him not to mess with her again!

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