Kylie Rogue: Massage goes deeper than expected

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Be careful what you ask for in Kylie Rogue’s massage room. You never know what you’ll get with this cute brunette masseuse. Maybe you’ll get a happy ending but maybe, just maybe you’ll experience a ruined orgasm. It’s a toss up with her so its best not to make any demands when in her room. Of course, her client today thinks he’s above the rules. He thinks he can just get whatever he wants from Kylie, however he wants it and whenever he wants it. She smiles politely and then plays along but what does this cute massage therapist have up her sleeve?

Kylie Rogue porn
Kylie Rogue porn

Her horny client doesn’t have to wait long to find out. She teases him by flaunting her sexy body as he watches from the table. Kylie Rogue gyrates seductively and pours lube all over her perky tits. Then her bra comes off as she works her way from the man’s shoulders to his dick. Now Kylie is really ready to play. She strokes the man’s large prick passionately. She’s such a good actress that she totally makes him believe he’s in control.

Kylie Rogue porn
Kylie Rogue porn

Oh but he’s not, not in this room. Kylie Rogue runs the show here and she’s hell bent on making her client pay for demanding a service she doesn’t offer. This is not a brothel and his kind of disrespect is met with severe punishment! The poor bastard thinks he’s going to get a huge release and Kylie strings him along right until the very last minute. Then she ruins his orgasm in the worst way possible! That’ll teach him!

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