Addie Andrews is the Ruined Orgasm Queen of MeanMassage

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You can call her Addie Andrews or you can call her the ruined orgasm queen, because when shes pissed off there is no telling what she will do. That’s especially the case for Mike at Mean Massage because Mike thinks he can pull a fast one after getting a sensual massage. We all know the extra “tip” after the massage is code for getting a rub n tug, hell just ask Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Thats another topic. Back to Addie.

Addie gets hit on by assholes all day long and shes pissed the fuck off today. She agrees to the “tip”, but it turns out to me more than Mike bargains for and hes suddenly in a situation he wants nothing to do with. Addie ties and binds him the the massage table. He cannot move even though he tries like hell. Suffice it to say hes freaking out when until she starts pumping his prick. His confidence is now restored when she plays with his balls and starts talking dirty to him.

But when hes just about to cum, she pulls back, edging him over and over. He wants to cum but the pullback ruins it. Addie can tease him all she wants but all this dude wants is to blow his salty load all over the place. FInally she jerks and handjobs him and when his balls sweel up and hes about to blow, she pulls back and watches as his sock spurts and twitches up and down, effectivly ruining the poor dudes orgasm. You definisly want to check out this new episode from MeanMassage for more of Addie Andrews!

Watch Addie Andrews at MeanMassage

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